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  • Total budget provision Rs.952.79 crore and Revised Budget Rs.902.45 crore and total grant received Rs.838.64 crore and Total expenditure of Rs 837.48 crore and 99.86% achievement against received grant.
  • Approval of total Rs. 1040.36 crore Rs in budget provision year 2016-17.

Procurement of samples of food grain, Dal, oil and pepper spices used in midday meals:

Year Taken sample Safe sample Unsafe Sample Result Pending
2016-17 442 248 22 172

Anna Triveni Yojna:

  • Benefit of the scheme is given to the tribal girls whose attendance  is more than 70% during the term. This benefit is extended to the two tribal girls in the family.
  • 60kg food gains (wheat) is  given  per academic session year  to the tribal girls.
  • In the year 2015-16 total 5.06 lakh tribal girls were benefitted by this scheme. 
  • The budget provision for the year 2015-16 was Rs. 60. 00 crore  and an expenditure of  Rs. 60.00 crore has been incurred. 100% achievement is made.

Doodh Sanjivani Yojna:

  • In this scheme 200 ml. flavoured milk is served 5 days in a week. The scheme is implemented to provide flavoured milk to 3.20 lakhs students of 21 under developed blocks of 11 districts of states.
  • In the year 2015-16 total budget provision was Rs.72.55 crore and an expenditure of Rs. 39.24 crore has been incurred.

Tithi bhojan (Example of Public Partnership)

  • In the year 2015-16, more than 95.27 lakh children have been given the benefits of tithi bhojan.

Hot, nutritious snacks and meals to the students of Model School

  • Under this scheme snacks and Mid Day Meal is given to 9790 students from std. VIII to XI. Rs. 1.76 crore is spent for this scheme.
  • From this year 2016-17 std. 11 is included under this scheme and for that budget provision of Rs 8.98 crore for providing food and snacks to 20160 students of Model School for the year 2016-17

To Repair MDM kitchen and Modernization of MDM kitchen:

  • In the year 2015-16 total 4999 kitchens has been repaired and an expenditure of Rs. 1535.91 lakhs has been incurred. Total 500 kitchens has been modernized and an expenditure of Rs. 2589.73 lakhs has been incurred.

Cooking Costs is revised for Primary per student from Rs.4.18 to Rs.4.28 per student and for Upper Primary per student from Rs.5.85 to Rs.5.99 

Annual Work Plan and Budget 2015-16:

  • PAB meeting was conducted at Delhi on 05/02/2016. Govt. of India has approved Annual Work Plan and Budget for the year 2016-17.

Steering Cum Monitoring Meeting:

  • State Level Steering cum Monitoring Committee meeting convened for the implementation of Mid Day Meal on 30/06/15 and 29/01/2015

  • Total 105 Steering Cum Monitoring Committee at Districts level is held during the year.