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Tithi Bhojan

An approach with Community participation

  • It is customary in Gujarat to host public dinner on festival days or social occasions like
  • Marriage anniversary
  • Birth anniversary
  • Death anniversary
  • Any special occasion like any educational or social achievement like ranking first in school, promotion etc.
  • It is also very common that in many villages sweets are distributed in people on the occasion of birth of a child or success in exam etc.
  • Taking advantage of the above social values , GOG has started Tithi Bhojan Yojana.

How Tithi Bhojan Yojana works

  • In each village people are educated for this Yojana
  • Sarpanch of gram panchayat , political leaders , social leaders , principal of the school, economically rich people in the community gives contribution in Tithi Bhojan Yojana.
  • Per month at least 5 to 10 Tithi Bhojan donors are listed in each village.

Contribution of donars in Tithi Bhojan Yojana

  • Over and above they give one sweet like Laddu, Sukhadi, Shrikhand etc.
  • They give farsan /namkeen.
  • They give milk/fruits
  • They donate utensils which are used in MDM
  • They donate RO plant / Water cooler /Fan in school Tithi Bhojan by Community Participation