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School Health Programme

  • School Health programme (SHP) is a special initiative focused on school age children under the NRHM. This programme provides nutrition interventions, yoga facilities and counseling.
  •  It focuses on effective integration of health concerns through decentralized management at district with a determinant of health indicators like sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, safe drinking water, gender and social concern.
  • To improve the health needs of the primary school going children particularly physical, mental, social, intellectual abilities of children and adolescents those are fundamental to the enhancement of the quality of life.
  • To improve the nutritional status of children &prevent diseases and the promotion of positive health by early diagnosis, treatment & F/U of defects.
  • To provide specialist services to the needy children & to provide superspecialty services for cardiac, cancer & kidney diseases to children with state supported transportation. To provide eye checkup & free spectacles to all needy children
  • To awaken health consciousness among the children& provision of a healthful environment.
  • Health Festival in each school and village
  •  Community Awareness , Participation and Ownership
  • Full Coverage of all Children-Newborn to 18 years- Govt, Madarssa, Children Homes etc.
  •  Complete Child Healthcare- Primary to Super- Specialty
  •  Participation of various Health Organizations/Associations like IMA, NMO, FOGSI, IAP, FPA etc.
  • Total 35562 Mid Day Meal  centers are covered under this scheme.
  • Total  43,66,511 children are in the schools.
  • Total 43,22,846  School children of Primary and Upper Primary are carried out under Health check-up programme .
  • Total 42,36,389 school children are checked by Medical Officer.
  • Total 16,68,512 school children were given treatment on spot.
  • Total 1,44,008 school children were referred to civil hospital:
  • Checked by an expert in child disease : 25,906 children
  • Checked by an eye specialist : 51,932 children
  • Teeth checked by a specialist : 34,368 children
  • skin checked by a specialist : 13,306 children
  • Checked by the specialist ear nose throat : 10,299 children
  • Other symptoms checked by a specialist : 8,197 children
  • Total 43,22,846  School children of Primary and Upper Primary are carried out under Health check-up programme .
  • Total 26,29,125 Primary School Children covered under this scheme.
  • Total 16,93,721 Secondary and Higher Secondary School Children covered under this scheme